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Keep Calm and Follow the Post Card Fundamentals

There is no arguing that postcards are the most likely of all mail to be read by a recipient. As far as direct mail marketing goes, this makes postcard marketing an option that you need to consider. But starting out with a clean slate can be a daunting task. Let’s look at the key aspects of getting started with postcard marketing. If you follow the fundamentals, you’re sure to boost your results.

Focusing on the basics
While building a postcard template, there are some things that need to be kept in mind. The fundamental points you should consider are:
• Something about yourself
• Your business details
• What you are offering to the customer
• What your value proposition is
• Call to Action Promo
• When your offer expires
Given these basics, the customers will then be in a position to decide if they want to do business with you and can easily contact you. Always make sure your information legible and easy to read.

A good brand image
A good brand image should be incorporated into the postcard. A postcard, among other things gives you the opportunity to define your brand image and showcases the services you have on offer. A pleasing color scheme that appeals to the eye will convey your message better. It is important to leave a positive impression, as the postcard not only serves the needs of your customers but also helps to build your brand. Make sure your images are clear and high quality, as they will convey more to the customers than words ever will.

Use language that is inviting and friendly
Words can either be appealing or a total put off. So use language that is inviting and reader-friendly. Keep the tone sociable so that it is easy to express your views in a manner that is succinct and leaves the recipient with a good feeling.

Capture the reader’s interest
This may well be true; but your postcard has limited space and it can be difficult to draw the attention of the recipient. As such here are the things that can help you grab attention.
• An interesting tagline
• Images that are pleasing to the eye
• Striking colors
• Testimonials from your clients
• And that special offer always helps

Ensure accuracy
A thorough proofreading always projects your professionalism. Having even the slightest mistake on your postcard creates a bad impression with your potential customer. Sometimes you need to proofread 3-4 times!

Avoid skimping on the material
A cheap looking postcard gives a bad impression and customers will be reluctant to invest in your company. It may cost a little bit extra, but in the end it will be worth it to invest in good quality material for your postcard. You can opt for a thicker card if you like, with a high gloss finish for a smart look.

Size matters
Now we come to the question of size. What size do you really need? Is a smaller size ok or should you opt for a bigger one? Your campaign’s very success can depend on the size of your postcard. One thing to remember is that the bigger the size the easier it is to see. A smaller card may go unnoticed under a pile of bills and other adverts lying in the mailbox.
Various sizes are available on offer by many direct mail companies. They are generally small (4×6), medium (5×8) and large (6×110). If you are not sure what size you need, consider the marketing strategies of the other companies in your industry as guideline. Also consider how much text your offer will need.
Here at CustomMail, our preferred sizes are 6×11 and 6×9 – because we’ve seen they have the best impact.

It’s all about design and messaging
The design. for obvious reasons, has to be compelling. Since there will be stiff competition from other marketing postcards, your card needs to be attractive enough to grab the attention of the recipient. To be successful, consider these points:
• There is a need for a clear headline.
• Go for attractive sub-headings on the back to promote benefits.
• A strong supporting graphic will help.
• Logo and brand name should clearly stand out.
• Choose a color that is vibrant.
• Make an offer that is alluring.
• Contact information.
• Give a return address.
• Keep your competitor’s postcards in mind and make yours outstanding.

Who do you send your postcard to?
When talking of postcard marketing, the mailing list is very important. No matter how good your postcard is, unless you mail it to the right prospects, you are not going to get any response. So it is imperative that you create, or purchase, an effective mailing list. Make a list of individuals who will most need your services. Take monthly income, age group and gender into the equation. The more specific you are with your targeting when you make your list, the more effective it will be.
Once you have grasped the basic ideas of postcard marketing and followed the ideas given above, your postcard is sure to stand out; and before long you will be inundated with queries regarding your business and what you have to offer.

With the tips on postcard marketing, it’s safe to say your well on your way to getting started!